Manufacture of reliable
magnetic separators
We manufacture iron separators in a minimum period at favorable prices. We work all over Russia and CIS countries.

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Magnetic Separators / Iron Separators

It is possible to manufacture any kinds of separators based on permanent magnets, magnetic separation complexes, conveyors and other related equipment for the needs of the customer.

Синергия магнитов
Минимальные сроки
Гарантия лучшей цены
Гарантия — 24 месяца

Iron separator, which will cope exactly

We understand that every production is unique. Therefore, we create magnetic separators, having studied the features of the production process of customers. Take the test in 1 minute and find out the cost of your magnetic separator. After passing the test, we will send you a commercial offer on the mail with the solution of your particular task of separating metal inclusions.

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